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If you are just beginning your search for a photographer, check out sites like weddingchannel.com and theknot.com for answers to important wedding questions.

For those who are most interested in price, Wedding coverage starts at $2,500. Similar coverage in Los Angeles can cost up to $8,000. At the end of the day, it's not the price.

Your personal style and taste will dictate most of your wedding decisions; From the venue, to the size of the wedding party, to the choice of flowers and photography.

There is a big difference between carnations and orchids! There is also a huge difference in wedding coverage.

As you browse through the online galleries, you will see our evolution.  Our goal... To tell your story, better!

The morning after, your story can now be shared online with family and friends in a way that was impossible a few short years ago. Moreover, with digital technology, your wedding images can be projected and shared during the reception!


Photojournalism Style: Twenty years ago when I started photographing weddings, every wedding photographer staged the same photos. Today, couples want something a little different.  Most are looking for photographers who create images like those in magazines.

Good photojournalistic coverage requires more film than traditional wedding coverage. Film and processing costs therefore severely limit what photographers can do for couples on a budget. With a finite amount of film, a photographer has to make hard choices about what images are important; sometimes rationing film and missing important images.

Digital Coverage:   I started using digital cameras several years ago to supplement my film coverage.  One of the real benefits of using digital cameras at weddings is that you are not limited as a photographer by resources. I made the transition to all digital coverage in 2003.

The results today from digital are truly amazing. Magazines are extremely finicky about the images that are published. For many years, they would only accept transparencies from photographers. Most of the published images today are generated by digital cameras. This digital image of Antwone Fisher with his daughter Indigo was published in the June 2002 issue of O Magazine.

My news and event photos have been published in hundreds of publications, including Daily Variety, USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, O Magazine, Ebony, Upscale, Modern Bride, Honey, Savoy and Black Enterprise.




How I work:

Photography starts two hours before the ceremony. It's very difficult, if not, impossible, to create beautiful images with a late start. So I start taking photos two hours before the ceremony.


photos of the bride with her ladies and immediate family.


photos of the groom with his guys and immediate family.

Candid coverage of the ceremony. After the ceremony, a short photo session. Altar return photos take no more than thirty minutes.


The goal is to let you have fun.

Reception coverage. All candid.

Your wedding day is special, but your guests will probably only hang around for six hours. So a late start, combined with extended photo sessions during the day will reduce your opportunity to dance, hug, and celebrate.

During the reception, your guests will be able to see some of the digital images created earlier in the day.


Let's discuss your wedding. I look forward to hearing from you.












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