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Spotlight 2005


Wow! It’s June again, already. After first thanking God for another day, it would be nice to ask for the ability to pump the brakes just a bit. Time flies!

Things look the same on the Los Angeles scene. June is Black Music month; Playboy Jazz rocks the Hollywood Bowl and the Lakers… The Los Angeles Lakers are in the NBA Finals. So the purple and gold is everywhere. And in the words of Chick, “ It’s in the refrigerator!” Hold up!

Like most Lakers and Lakers fans, we put the series in the fridge before it was even played. Congratulations Detroit!

Black Music month was particularly tough this year. Ray Charles... Elvin Jones... what a loss!

I can still remember the trip as a kid to Joe's Swing Shop. I would leave that record store, sleeved 45 in hand, and I would rush home to play the latest music on the turntable. Sometimes, I would have to add a nickel to the turntable needle to get past the warps and scratches, but the music sure did sound good. I can remember playing Ray's "Let's go get stoned" over and over again. What a musical icon!


There are wonderful stories in the inner-city!  Amazing Grace Conservatory is one of South LA's best kept secrets.

I have supported Amazing Grace Conservatory since their production of The Wiz in 1997. Their productions of Fame, Little Shop of Horrors, Grease, Westside Story and others were very good. So, I knew that Dreamgirls would be good. It was better than good... It's was amazing!  The performance of these actors, ages 9-19 was anything but kid stuff. They bring it in a way that would leave many seasoned professionals in awe. And these are our children... our future.




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