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This is my country. A lifelong democrat, Iíve voted for every Democratic presidential nominee. In some ways, my presidential journey has seemed like the Bataan March. Only Jimmy and Bill have been elected. Trust me, I wasnít always one hundred percent behind the eventual nominee; but the Republican alternative was never too appealing. So I would march into the polling place and vote for the Democrat, even when that candidate sucked.

After the first Bush, Bill Clinton seemed great. But there was Rwanda and NAFTA on his watch. He could play the sax though; and I love jazz.

So I entered the election booth this morning with a few thoughts on my mind. Global warming, the Iraq War and our broken health care system need immediate attention. But so does education, Darfur and a living wage. The other thought was hope. Iíve voted for a lot of candidates in the past that were serving up the same old stuff with no chance of winning. After the NY Giants won on Sunday-- against all odds, why not Barack Obama? Greatness changes things. There was a time when I could not imagine the PGA with Tiger Woods. Now it's hard to imagine the PGA without him. President Obama? For the first time in a very long time, Iím excited about November.

ďFired up, ready to go!Ē


Music: Curtis Mayfield/The Impressions






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